A Look Inside My Search

In a search for answers to the woes in my life, I found God. The truth that lies in knowing God for myself, placed me on a quest for peace. While on this journey, I have discovered that there are others seeking this truth also and that I can help. I have a Doctor of Ministry degree from Catholic Theological Union, not to rise above anyone, but to better serve everyone. I am on a journey towards peace, speaking truth that opens people up to God.

29 November 2009

Giving to God

Why not give God all I have? What do I think I have to lose? What am I saving it for?
3 types of givers:
Do I give like everything comes from God? What is my sacrifice? How is my lack of trust getting in the way of my faith?

The above came from a sermon preached several weeks ago. Funny how it seems to be about the annual feast celebrated here in the U.S.

When I think about giving my all to God, I seem to suffer from some sort of stupidity. Let me explain. I am well aware that God knows all, forgives me when I ask, freely guides me, bestows upon me grace untold and unheard of, yet there I am, trying to keep some things from Him. You know those things I'm not proud of; those foolish mistakes; the things I did on purpose being vengeful and full of anger; those things that sought to destroy and not build up. Those things I try to keep from God. I dare not give God those things. Yet at the same time I know that to be fully whole, washed clean, I must turn these things over to God. Ugh!!! Anyone ever feel like this? You think that if you give your mess over to God, God will stop loving you? That's what I mean about suffering from some sort of stupidity. I just stated that I know God forgives and gives grace yet here am I trying to keep something from Her. Oh my, what a mess.

I'm learning to give EVERYTHING to God. And I'm finding a new way to live: in peace. I can't imagine what I was saving this garbage for. Oh how great I feel now that I give all to God.

30 October 2009


How wonderful You are. No matter what I do, You are there to love me. No matter my mistakes You forgive me. Originator of love teach me to love as You do. Stretch me so that I may become more like Jesus, willing and eager to serve. OMG, I cannot be or do without You. And knowing You are with me always gives me comfort. I love You.

27 October 2009

Stepping Stones

We're supposed to be stepping stones not blockades. I haven't always lived like a stepping stone. I've spent many a time blocking people from advancing or just moving period just cause I couldn't be in control. I am grateful for the way God is transforming me to be a stepping stone instead. I'm finding that life is so much easier assisting others to climb toward Jesus. My method of being a stepping stone is not always comfortable for others but it is the one God gave me. I have learned to ask the probing questions that help someone get to the heart of a matter. I have learned that I don't need all the answers to those questions. As a stepping stone I too am able to stretch and grow, laying foundations for those who come behind me.

In what way are you a stepping stone? How are you sharing your talents that helps another journey towards Christ? How's your story (experience) helping another grow?

We're supposed to be stepping stones not blockades.

22 October 2009

Stop Passing Food By

Trapped. Trapped in our own history, we begin the slow descent into starvation of the spirit. Every decision we make, is made from the standpoint of a misstep an inappropriate action or word. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has allowed her mistakes to cloud the present, not to mention the future. I encourage you to face your past squarely, declare it complete, forgive yourself and then embrace the GRACE God gives so freely to set us free. Eat from God's Word presented in scripture, through people and circumstances. Stop passing this food by. Remember, we're on a journey and we need nourishment.

Allow your history to feed you instead of causing you to starve.

15 October 2009

Of Course I Know Where I'm Going

Do I really know where I'm going? Not if I don't know who I am. Too many of us are moving about, interacting with others all while we hide behind some facade of a person we "think" will be more acceptable than our true self. For too many years I acted out of a persona that I thought people would like. I hid behind my mask, making decisions that would match the fake me. I had no idea where I was going or the route I needed to take. When I decided to stop running from God and say yes to His will, I began the journey to embracing my true self. That beginning helped me better understand God and my role in Her plan for all peoples. I came to realize that I needed to know me in order to gain direction and clarity in my life.

Embrace your truth. Allow your story to reveal the treasure God created you to be. Then join me on this journey to Christ's Peace.

06 October 2009

Giving Up Control

I am so about control. I have it in my mind that things should be a certain way and I try to stick to that. But I'm learning to give up the fight for control and allow God to show me the way. Often that finds me biting my tongue when I would say something particularly "biting." Other times it requires that I LISTEN, not just to God's voice but also the voices of the people in my life. This quest for control has had me pulling my hair out when things don't go my way. I'm more stressed than I need to be and I tend to snap off on people for no reason. Allowing God to show me the way is really quite freeing. I don't have to read a map or plug coordinates into a GPS. I must however, seek to be obedient and follow the path God has laid out.

I must stop resisting the Grace and Mercy of God and fight the evil that in constantly moving in to take me over.

01 October 2009

Worry Prayer

At the 2009 Catholics on Call Partners Conference last week, Bishop Morneau asked, "How do you keep prayer from being worry in the presence of God?" I contemplated that question for several days. Not like it was a new concept or anything, for I had heard long ago that if you're going to pray, don't worry and if you're going to worry don't pray. But this time the question was posed in a way that made me pause. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized how often I've NOT been in dialogue with God about something -- I'd actually been spewing words of worry and concern, not praising God and seeking God's counsel.

To be in the presence of God and not allowing it to turn to worry is really not that difficult. I found that all I really needed to do was go to God without an agenda and a list of demands. Now don't get me wrong, I do still believe that I should ask God for that which I seek, but I also need to bend and bow to God's will. To enter into God's Gates with thanksgiving helps me understand right away what my focus should be...Kingdom building.

Funny thing that we just seem to forget, we can do nothing apart from God. When we sin we take God with us. God doesn't sin, but God is not separate from us either. That's like having your mother standing next to you while you're doing something you know you shouldn't. Ugh!

28 September 2009

Engulf Me LORD in Your Grace

Sometimes I just need to be overtaken by God to get an understanding of what He wants me to do. Sometimes nothing makes any sense unless She just engulfs me in Her Grace. I like control. I like to know what's going to happen before I even make a move. That type of control can leave a person paralyzed because we can't know the outcome until we act. That's why I need God to engulf me in His Grace and weaken my resistance to Her will. I may want to be in control though I know that my control is full of chaos and misinformation. God's Grace helps me to let go and allow God to have control. And Oh... is life so much better when I give in to God's Will.

Engulf me LORD in Your Grace. Weaken my resistance to Your WILL.

24 September 2009

This Has Gotta Stop

As much as I try, I don't seem to post at least once a week as I would like. I have a running list of topics to write about, but just don't seem to be making it happen. This has gotta stop.
The piece of paper where these topics reside is getting crowded.
For those of you who follow my journey to peace, please know that my absence on the blog does not mean I've made it to peace. Quite the opposite. As of late, I've found myself so far from peace it's disheartening. Would you believe that my studies this semester have helped me? I wouldn't have thought so. The more reading I've done, the more peaceful I've become. BTW, just finished The Shack by William Paul Young on mP3. Great read (listen). I'll be reading it again in January as I take the Tolton Scholars on a journey through it in February. At that point I'm sure I'll be blogging some of the discussions. So for now you have plenty of time to get it and read it so you're better able to join in on the discussion.

02 September 2009

It's All About Trust

Relationships, no matter with whom are all about trust. "Do I trust you to do what you say?" Do I trust me to the person I claim?" Our difficulty with God comes down to trust. Do we believe that God will act in our lives like He has acted in the lives of others? How can we move forward on a plan laid out by God if we do not trust? It's impossible. In order to get to the place of trust, we must cultivate a relationship. We must nurture the ground and plant the right seeds. Sunlight and water are needed too. And every so often, we've got to get on our knees and pull the weeds. When we haven't been tending the soil correctly, we may have to leave the weeds in place and separate them out later.

Trusting God is not an overnight success of many of us. We've got to learn to communicate better. We have to say what we mean and mean what we say. We can't hide in the shadows hoping that God will do all the work for us. This relationship involves our action also.

I haven't been taking the time to chat with God. I've been running here and there, making time for all sorts of things. And you know what? I'm suffering. I haven't taken my seat in God's presence and I miss that. Life is out of balance. This trust is not just about God doing His part, it's about me doing mine. I pray that I become more trustworthy in my relationship with God. I'm thinking that will help me to be more trustworthy on the journey.

Let's get back to treating each other right. Let's get back to trust.

26 August 2009

Is Your Faith Working?

In the Sept 09 issue of U.S. Catholic magazine are the results of a reader survey they did asking the question "Is your faith working?"

The title caused me to pause, wondering where they were going with this question. Then it inspired me to ask a different question, "Am I working my faith?" In my relationships with others am I relying on faith to guide me or am I leading with all my faults and hang-ups? Lately, I haven't been working my faith. I've been faithfully ignoring what God is asking of me. "Be quiet just a moment timone -- listen well, speak slowly. Don't allow your ego to get in the way. Respond with words of kindness and understanding." Do the things that come from working my faith. My faith is working. It is what helps me see my mistakes and my missteps. It is what gives me the courage to press forward each time I am attacked. Now working my faith is different. I haven't relied on what I've learned in my quiet time with God. I've rushed ahead of the plan causing set backs and re-routes.

Maybe I'm doing what I'm supposed to. Maybe working my faith is struggling through the moments of hardship relying solely on the hand of God, presented through others. Maybe working my faith is admitting that I don't have all the answers. Maybe working my faith is speaking the Truth no one wants to hear.

Is your faith working? Are you working your faith?

15 July 2009

The 7 Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins:
Truth, if it becomes fanaticism.
Beauty, if it becomes vanity.
Love, if it becomes possessive.
Loyalty, if it becomes blind, careless trust.
Tolerance, if it becomes indifference.
Self-confidence, if it becomes arrogance.
Faith, if it becomes self-righteous.
By Ashley Cooper

I read this in a newsletter about wellness drawn to the title, wondering what kind of article this was going to be. Imagine my surprise when I saw the list of sins so different from the usual suspects. Ashley Cooper reminded me how easily we get caught up in doing Christ's work that we stop being Christ's work. So often we fall short in our ministry because it tends to focus on the work and not the creations. Numbers and bottom lines drive our response to those in need. Dressed up in "ministry" we stamp out another's existence all in the name of spreading the gospel. We gotta be careful. It's so easy to slip into darkness.

06 July 2009

Where Did the Time Go?

I had every intention of writing at least once a week. What happened? I got wrapped up in many things and time escaped. Time, ever present and ever elusive, escaped from me. LOL. Most likely, I chose to do something else, for just a moment, with the intention of coming back to this. That ever happen to you? You get involved in something else and before you know it, you've "lost time."

I must say that during my time away from the blog, I have still been moving towards Christ's Peace.

The last few weeks have been really uplifting. I've been able to witness growth in faith among the young adults on whose behalf I minister. I facilitated a women's retreat in DC and was totally moved by God's show of strength and mercy through them. I'm learning to speak Truth more freely.

Where did the time go?

I didn't do all that I intended, yet the things I did, opened others to the love of Christ. So the time that escaped, found its way into the lives of others moving towards Christ's Peace.

03 June 2009

Journey Interrupted

It's amazing how easily our journey toward God is interrupted. I mean temptation really gets in the way. There you are traveling at a really good pace, wind blowing gently against your face, bypassing things when all of a sudden something or someone interrupts your flow. Anger, Annoyance, Impatience, Disbelief, Amazement...

How can this be happening to me now? Okay, Okay. New lesson. New experience. Adjustment. Same journey different path. What was wrong with the other path? Why must I travel this one?

Here I am traveling at a much slower pace, the wind is harsh sometimes, and I'm not bypassing things like I used to. I notice others' pain. I see someone else's joy. I participate in life at this pace.

Journey Interrupted is God calling me to new life, God's way.

28 May 2009

The Good and the Bad

"Our effort should be directed toward enlarging the area of good." Suzuki Roshi

When I read this quote I was struck by its simplicity and depth. Knowing that we are all sinners, our continued focus on the bad, only succeeds in keeping us down. Yet when we seek to know the good, we move past that which would keep us separate from others. As I enlarge the good in my life, I realize that I cannot focus on the bad. The issues of others and their effect on me lessens. The bad exists, yet it shouldn't be the goal to which I reach. I am called by God to push toward the good, toward the best part of me that reaches for the best part of you.

This push to enlarge the good forces me to check myself when I would judge another. It forces me to relinquish control, to breath in Peace and exhale chaos.

01 May 2009

The Economy, God and Me

I was in class yesterday afternoon where we started talking about the economic situation in the United States. There were 3 of us in the dialogue: 1 from the US (me), 1 from Peru and 1 from Indonesia. Their perspective on the situation was really eye-opening for me. "This crisis for Americans is the way I've lived my entire life. So what's the big deal?"

I sat with that statement for quite some time, especially in light of the fact that my husband, the founder and director of a non-profit social service agency is really feeling the cuts being made everywhere. As people lose jobs and banks stop lending, social service agencies are among the first to be pushed out. As the rich realize that they'll be short a million or two, there's yet another child going without food, yet another family forced to live on the street, yet another teen caught in the trap of street to jail.

Is bill paying the worst that can happen? No. Is losing a job the worst that can happen? No. Worst than the current economic situation we face is the blighted condition of our faith. At risk is not the financial situation of the world. At risk is our souls. Placated for far too long on the fat of injustice and social ills, our souls have become wastelands -- toxic.

For my part I can no longer focus on my IRA, lack of savings, pay freeze or overdue mortgage. I must refocus on God and what God has asked me to do. Now is the time to witness my faith. Now is the time for us to join one to another and "devot[e] [ourselves] to the teaching of the apostles and to communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers." Acts 2:42

18 April 2009

Be Brave Now

Late last night/early this morning I watched the pilot episode of the NBC series "Kings." The series is a modern day telling of 1,2 Kings focusing on the spiritual development of David. Anyway, David has attained heroic status after slaying "Goliath" -- the name of a military tank. While at his dying brother's side, David confesses that he is not a hero at all, but someone who was surrendering when things turned out in his favor. He continually exclaimed, "I wasn't brave at all." His brother's reply, "Be brave now."

As I contemplated that statement I was struck by the stance we must all take on in this world today. Today, chaos reigns king and we Christians, sisters and brothers of Jesus the Christ must "Be brave now." We must stand with feet firmly planted on the bedrock of God's Holy Word in order to withstand the rainstorm of bullets that attack us in the street and in our homes. We must "Be brave now" so that Christ's Peace is what comes to reign. We cannot allow circumstances, people and even our own doubts to be obstacles to the JOY of Resurrection.


16 April 2009

The Black Hole of Faith

Ever feel like you're going through the motions...all the things you do are so devoid of feeling that you wonder why you continue? I call that the Black Hole of Faith. It's when you believe in God in and through the routine. You know, the times when you just can't get your praise on; the times when you just can't find the good; the times when you're so confused and you can't hear a word from God. As a matter of fact, things are so silent, so dark, you realize you're in a black hole-- a place of nothingness. No motivation. No direction.

When you realize you are there, be still and know that God is there too.

31 March 2009

Desert to Dessert

Everyone seems to make room for dessert. Whether dessert is jell-o, a slice of pie, a scoop of ice cream, a piece of chocolate, etc., very seldom do we turn dessert away. Truth be told, many of start our meals with dessert. Not willing to wait til the end of a meal, we move the good stuff up front. In keeping with moving the good stuff to the front, I want to challenge us to move into the desert before we celebrate Easter (dessert).

By spending some time in the desert, we allow the barrenness to lay bare/expose our barriers, weaknesses, frailties, faults, etc., so that we may better deal with them. The desert helps us to strip away defenses and masks that would otherwise have us lying to ourselves, others and God. In a big way, the desert serves to detox our spiritual self, removing from us the impurities that inhibit the taste buds, thereby dulling the magnificent taste of the dessert.

Create a desert for yourself. Don't make it the traditional one (heat, sun, dryness) if those things bring you comfort. But chose the space that makes you uncomfortable, that propels you into vulnerability. Sit quietly for at least 15 minutes meditating in that place. Seek to purge your spirit of obstacles and barriers. Open yourself to the possibility of a new you.

Then you don't have to make room for dessert. You will already have room.

30 March 2009

Another Level

Below is another gift from someone.

I am your loving Heavenly Father, and you will always be My dear child. That relationship will never change--but how we relate to each other will go through seasons of change as you grow and mature. Some of the ways that I have met you in the past were never intended to be permanent ways for us to interact together. As you grow in Me and as your ability to perceive in the spirit increases, I will begin to reveal more of Myself to you. And at times, that will require a change in how you relate to Me--and even in how you seek Me and where you find Me.
As you grow in Me and as you come to better understand My Holiness, some things that used to be permissible in your life will no longer be allowed. I never abided in some of the places where you went to look for Me--I was simply meeting you where you were because I desired to be found by you. But as you grow to become more like Me, I will hold you to a higher standard. At times I will require a higher level of dedication and obedience from you, and I will require a higher level of holiness from you. I will ask you to behave more like Me and to act more like I do. I will start asking you to refrain from some things that you did not even realize displeased Me when you were at a lower level of spiritual maturity. And at times I will no longer be found in some of the ways that you are used to meeting with Me.
The transition times from one level of maturity to another may seem frustrating at times. But as your relationship with Me matures, I will bring you to a higher place where there is more opportunity and where you shall taste of Me in a much greater measure.
So again I say to you, dear one, do not fret as our relationship begins to grow and mature. When you cannot find Me as easily in the old ways, press in and seek Me all the more. I will lead you and teach you and show you how to find Me at the next level. As you get to that place, you will experience a greater level of My presence and I will show you more of My glory and reveal more of Myself to you. So come, dear one, press into Me and grow and mature in our relationship together.

27 March 2009

Recall Notice

I didn't write the following but just had to put it on my blog. It says so much in a few words. Let me know what you think. My own work will be back really soon. Check back frequently or just send me a note to get me writing.

Recall Notice
The Maker of all human beings (GOD) is recalling all units manufactured, regardless of make or year, due to a serious defect in the primary and central component of the heart.

This is due to a malfunction in the original prototype units code named Adam and Eve, resulting in the reproduction of the same defect in all subsequent units. This defect has been technically termed "Sub-sequential Internal Non-Morality," or more commonly known as S.I.N., as it is primarily expressed.
Some of the symptoms include:
• Loss of direction
• Foul vocal emissions
• Amnesia of origin
• Lack of peace and joy
• Selfish or violent behavior
• Depression or confusion in the mental component
• Fearfulness
• Idolatry
• Rebellion

The Manufacturer, who is neither liable nor at fault for this defect, is providing factory-authorized repair and service free of charge to correct this defect. The Repair Technician, JESUS, has most generously offered to bear the entire burden of the staggering cost of these repairs. There is no additional fee required.

The number to call for repair in all areas is: P-R-A-Y-E-R. Once connected, please upload your burden of SIN through the REPENTANCE procedure. Next, download ATONEMENT from the Repair Technician, Jesus, into the heart component.
No matter how big or small the SIN defect is, Jesus will replace it with:
• Love
• Joy
• Peace
• Patience
• Kindness
• Goodness
• Faithfulness
• Gentleness
• Self control

Please see the operating manual, the B.I.B.L.E. (Believers' Instructions Before Leaving Earth) for further details on the use of these fixes.

WARNING: Continuing to operate the human being unit without correction voids any manufacturer warranties, exposing the unit to dangers and problems too numerous to list and will result in the human unit being permanently impounded. For free emergency service, call on Jesus.

DANGER: The human being units not responding to this recall action will have to be scrapped in the furnace. The SIN defect will not be permitted to enter Heaven so as to prevent contamination of that facility. Thank you for your attention!


P.S. Please assist where possible by notifying others of this important recall notice, and you may contact the Father any time by 'Knee mail'. Because He Lives!

16 March 2009

Waiting on the "Big" Jesus

The first reading for today, 2 Kings 5:1-15, made me think about our search for the "Big" Jesus. Naaman, a leprosy sought a cure for his aliment but couldn't imagine his cure coming through simple actions. I started thinking about us and our desire to have Jesus show up in a "Big" way in our lives to move things around, to save us, to set us free from our circumstances. And quite often, Jesus is in the simple things; the ordinary things; in the way we say hello to someone; in the way we smile; in the way we help another.
How often have we allowed Jesus to pass us by because we were looking for Him in the fireworks display?

May this Lenten Season continue to encourage us to slow down and see Jesus all around us. May we use this time to see Jesus and offer Jesus in small ways. Perhaps our small actions will lead to big ones.

10 March 2009

Today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and there's a whole lot of talking and educating happening all over the country in honor. Luvvie and Karyn started The Red Pump Project out of their desire to make a difference and ask others to do the same. When they put out the call for bloggers to join their cause, they never really imagined something like this! 95 bloggers have contacted them so far and asked what they could do to help! Their goal was 100.

The Red Pump Project will be an ongoing effort and a resource for information about HIV/AIDS and its effect on women. Click on the image and you will be directed to the website where you can subscribe to the page in order to continue to get information on the happenings. You can reach us at redpumpproject@gmail.com

Don't forget...

*There are two Red Pump happy hours happening in Chicago and Kansas City! You can also visit the National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day website to find events happening in your area.

08 March 2009

Are You Preparing for Transfiguration?

As I listened to the readings today at Mass I was struck by a new understanding of transfiguration for us today. The deacon who preached aligned the transfiguration with the metamorphoses of a butterfly. And I began to think, Jesus isn't the only one who is to be transfigured. I realize that my journey to my own transfiguration is wrapped in my journey towards peace. As I move closer to God there are things (behaviors, habits, thoughts, etc.) that are changing, being stripped from me to get me ready. I don't do what I used to. Notice that about yourself? I like to say that "I'm growing up in God."
What about you?

02 March 2009

Bread of Life

Bread of Life
-broken and given daily that I may be made whole
-I cannot move without You
-I become full, leading me to share, to see and do differently - Better
there is no end in You

When I think about the financial strain we are all facing, I am drawn more closely to the daily sustenance freely given from God. God's grace is sooooo happening now. I'm finding sure ground under my feet when I seek God amidst this chaos. Now is the time to speak up and out about the goodness of God. Someone near you needs to hear of God's compassion. You just may need to hear it resound in your ears as you speak it.

27 February 2009

I Love Lent

I know it's strange to hear someone say they love Lent. But I do. Because I'm the first one to find faults in my life, I love this time of year when I can publicly shout out I'm a sinner and am doing some work to get better. The Lenten Season offers me the opportunity to really look at me and practice strategies that will move me forward towards God. I'm so past the giving up stage and so on the path that makes me consciously say "timone you need to open yourself to listening more; snapping off less; speaking to others with less "crispness"; exercising to help remove the crippling effects of arthritis; smiling more and writing more." Lent is about change for me. Changing so that I may move closer to Christ. Changing so that I may be more equipped to help someone else move closer to Christ. Oh I just love Lent.

23 February 2009

Beyond Me

It only takes a moment to move beyond self. And often we don't take advantage of the opportunity. I'm calling it an opportunity because moving beyond me allows Christ to shine forth. Today I spoke with a friend who longs to have the experience of clarity in what God is asking of her. After 30 minutes of dialog I pointed out that clarity exists, she just wasn't calling it clarity.

If I had not moved beyond my own issues and thoughts, I would have missed an opportunity to allow Christ to move through me. I just gotta tell you, it feels so good to be USED by GOD. Yes it does, even when inconvenient. Once God is in the mix, it's all good.

As Ash Wednesday draws closer, contemplate how your practice of your chosen spiritual disciple will allow you to move beyond self. That's what I'll be doing.

19 February 2009

God's Beauty

Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I don't see God's beauty in me. Sometimes all I see are blemishes, red eyes, chapped lips, hair unkempt, etc. God's beauty goes unrecognized.

How often do we treat one another like that? Failing to see God's beauty in them? Way too often!

I challenge us to look more closely at ourselves and smile at the beautiful person God created and take that same attitude into the world.

18 February 2009

Is My Meditation Worthy of God's Presence?

When I sit with God in silence, do I really take my whole self or do I take the part that's been on its best behavior? I mean, do I say I'm going to pray, meditate on God and God's blessings only to find that I'm thinking about what someone did to me, or the various things I need to get done?
Meditation worthy of God demands that I give God my full attention; Focus on God and what God is currently doing in me.

I keep thinking about my 40-Day Lenten Sacrifice to be a better Christian. What will that be?

17 February 2009

Are You Ready?

The Lenten Season is fast approaching. In a mere week we begin the journey of reflection and purification. Lent offers us a great opportunity to assess our lives and take our shortcomings to God for forgiveness. The beauty of this time is that it's not only about confessing our wrongs, it's also about being made whole. We are given time to renew ourselves and work anew toward Kingdom-building. Are you ready? Are you ready to begin the journey, to give your all to the process? Are you ready to the newness God will bring?

Do more than make Lent a 40-day diet plan. Sacrifice something really dear to you or better yet, start something new that will bring you closer to God.

16 February 2009

December 2005 Poetry

I watched the trees yield to the wind
and thought of God.
I move where You blow O LORD
and if need be, I will break.
I give seed for life.
I watched the trees yield.

The Side Roads
the better view of life
where the flowers bloom
where discoveries are made
the heart beats, -- naturally,
where people touch

Bracing Myself for the Gifts from God
firmly I plant my feet in the Word
I arch my back and fling my arms wide
people come to enjoy my shade
birds nest
leaves unfurl
and I, -- GROW

12 February 2009

A Suitable Partner

The Lord God said: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a suitable partner for him.”
—Genesis 2:18

Many of us have looked for and not found a "suitable partner." We have a list of criteria that must be met, before people are even considered. In the verse above God says He "will make a suitable partner for him." Translation for today: allow God to make YOU a "suitable partner." In other words, allow yourself to be transformed by God into a "suitable partner." This aspect of searching is often overlooked - becoming suitable not only for someone else but for ourselves. Ever wonder why some people keep attracting the same type of person? They haven't transformed self. God can make you suitable if you only allow Him. The question is "Can you allow yourself to be reshaped?"

11 February 2009


What is Word that it must be spoken?
Spoken Words wrought light.
Words spoken provide delight.
What is Word that it must be spoken?
Spoken Words command power.

Things come to be.

What is Word that it must be spoken?


09 February 2009


Can you allow Christ to stretch your spirit beyond you?
Yea I know it's a crazy question, but an important one to address. Our growth in faith and our movement toward Christ hinges on how we answer this question. Most times our struggles in faith are with ourselves. We have difficulty moving out of the way of the work Christ is seeking to do in and through us.

As I have attempted to write daily on this blog I have allowed myself to be deterred thinking that my musings were not worthy of reading. I have been so wrong. I'm not the only one with rumblings going through their head about the way God is moving in and through our situations.

Look for me more regularly and don't hesitate to comment.