A Look Inside My Search

In a search for answers to the woes in my life, I found God. The truth that lies in knowing God for myself, placed me on a quest for peace. While on this journey, I have discovered that there are others seeking this truth also and that I can help. I have a Doctor of Ministry degree from Catholic Theological Union, not to rise above anyone, but to better serve everyone. I am on a journey towards peace, speaking truth that opens people up to God.

20 October 2007

Movement of Life

It's funny how things change. We swear we'll never do something then find ourselves smack in the middle of doing it and having fun, or not. After finishing my Master of Divinity, I remember saying that I wasn't going back to school. Yet here I am pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree and loving it. I'm surprised by my energy. I haven't enjoyed school this much since elementary school. Funny how God moves us through life, orchestrated a fine piece of music. If we let Him. I have fought with God on so many issues. I have argued my point, I thought with the finesse of an attorney. I have resisted change and growth almost at every turn. Yet God has continued to move me through life. Bestowing upon me Her Grace. And I haven't been happier. Sure I'm challenged by some things. Of course I don't move as fast as I used to, but I'm so peaceful. I'm eager to work for God now. I look forward to it each day. Let's have fun with the movement of life.