A Look Inside My Search

In a search for answers to the woes in my life, I found God. The truth that lies in knowing God for myself, placed me on a quest for peace. While on this journey, I have discovered that there are others seeking this truth also and that I can help. I have a Doctor of Ministry degree from Catholic Theological Union, not to rise above anyone, but to better serve everyone. I am on a journey towards peace, speaking truth that opens people up to God.

28 September 2009

Engulf Me LORD in Your Grace

Sometimes I just need to be overtaken by God to get an understanding of what He wants me to do. Sometimes nothing makes any sense unless She just engulfs me in Her Grace. I like control. I like to know what's going to happen before I even make a move. That type of control can leave a person paralyzed because we can't know the outcome until we act. That's why I need God to engulf me in His Grace and weaken my resistance to Her will. I may want to be in control though I know that my control is full of chaos and misinformation. God's Grace helps me to let go and allow God to have control. And Oh... is life so much better when I give in to God's Will.

Engulf me LORD in Your Grace. Weaken my resistance to Your WILL.

24 September 2009

This Has Gotta Stop

As much as I try, I don't seem to post at least once a week as I would like. I have a running list of topics to write about, but just don't seem to be making it happen. This has gotta stop.
The piece of paper where these topics reside is getting crowded.
For those of you who follow my journey to peace, please know that my absence on the blog does not mean I've made it to peace. Quite the opposite. As of late, I've found myself so far from peace it's disheartening. Would you believe that my studies this semester have helped me? I wouldn't have thought so. The more reading I've done, the more peaceful I've become. BTW, just finished The Shack by William Paul Young on mP3. Great read (listen). I'll be reading it again in January as I take the Tolton Scholars on a journey through it in February. At that point I'm sure I'll be blogging some of the discussions. So for now you have plenty of time to get it and read it so you're better able to join in on the discussion.

02 September 2009

It's All About Trust

Relationships, no matter with whom are all about trust. "Do I trust you to do what you say?" Do I trust me to the person I claim?" Our difficulty with God comes down to trust. Do we believe that God will act in our lives like He has acted in the lives of others? How can we move forward on a plan laid out by God if we do not trust? It's impossible. In order to get to the place of trust, we must cultivate a relationship. We must nurture the ground and plant the right seeds. Sunlight and water are needed too. And every so often, we've got to get on our knees and pull the weeds. When we haven't been tending the soil correctly, we may have to leave the weeds in place and separate them out later.

Trusting God is not an overnight success of many of us. We've got to learn to communicate better. We have to say what we mean and mean what we say. We can't hide in the shadows hoping that God will do all the work for us. This relationship involves our action also.

I haven't been taking the time to chat with God. I've been running here and there, making time for all sorts of things. And you know what? I'm suffering. I haven't taken my seat in God's presence and I miss that. Life is out of balance. This trust is not just about God doing His part, it's about me doing mine. I pray that I become more trustworthy in my relationship with God. I'm thinking that will help me to be more trustworthy on the journey.

Let's get back to treating each other right. Let's get back to trust.