A Look Inside My Search

In a search for answers to the woes in my life, I found God. The truth that lies in knowing God for myself, placed me on a quest for peace. While on this journey, I have discovered that there are others seeking this truth also and that I can help. I have a Doctor of Ministry degree from Catholic Theological Union, not to rise above anyone, but to better serve everyone. I am on a journey towards peace, speaking truth that opens people up to God.

25 December 2010

Christmas 2010

As I prepared for Christmas this year I was struck by my own selfishness. Because I was so concerned about writing (not writing) my thesis-project, I failed to enter Advent and now Christmas in the correct posture: humble and in awe of God. I was mechanical in my shopping and most times down right irritable. I wouldn't let my family reach me beneath the surface of my gruff exterior. At least not until I attended Midnight Mass. There Christ the child melted my concerns and anxiety. There I came face to face with Emmanuel - God with Us. God, with me even in my selfishness. God with me even in my abruptness with others. God with me. God with me. God with me. Oh Emmanuel, thank you for dwelling among us to transform us; to transform me. And thank you for a brother and his encouraging words. Peace again in my heart and mind.

29 November 2010

The Cost of Readiness

I'm in the midst of helping people understand the cost of readiness.  To obtain anything costs. The concept is easy to understand when things turn out as we want them to, yet when the going gets a little rough, well we often fail to see the purpose of being prepared. I was listening to TD Jakes expound upon the cost of waiting on.....and I realized that the issue is we don't like to get ready for something and then have to wait or be told that we can't have it.  We think our time has been wasted.  And too many wasted efforts can result in doing nothing.

Today, I want to call us back to a state of readiness. I want us to pay up, using cash, not credit, to prepare ourselves for what Christ will do in and through us. For each of us the cost is different. Depending on where you are now, your cost may be to clean up the mess you're in both physically and emotionally.  You many have to clear away the clutter of procrastination.  Or you may have to get rid of the blanket of despair. Whatever it is, there is a cost involved.  An exposure happens.  Change must take place to position oneself for Christ.
What do you need to pay the cost of readiness?

28 November 2010

Ready or Not!

I read a reflection today by Cackie Upchurch about preparing for Advent.  She began her reflection with "Ready or not, here I come!" What struck me most was her focus on "Ready or not." "Ready or not, God will act." she states. So true. No matter how I'm messing things up, no matter how confused I get, no matter how discouraged I become, God will act.  The outcome of God's actions depends on me.  See, I can be ready to receive God's action in my life when I've listen and acted on the things He has said previously.  When I'm talking and listening to God on a regular basis, I know how to be ready.  Some may say that they aren't sure of God's voice; that they don't know what they should do. Well for those Christians that are God-deaf, I would encourage you to read the Bible.  The living WORD of God will usher into your life the Holy Spirit in a way that helps you overcome your God-deafness.  That powerful WORD breaks through nonsense.  God's WORD helps you learn to hear God's personal voice for you.  Then when you hear God's voice you learn how to get ready.

Today begins our NEW Church year.  Advent helps us refocus our attention on God, to become ready for Her to act in our lives.  Yet as Cackie told us, "Ready or not, God will act." I think it's better to be ready than to be left scrambling around trying to get it together.

Get ready for Christ to bless you. Position yourself to receive the gifts. Open not only your hands, open your mind and your heart. If not, you might be left.

01 September 2010

Complex Simplicity

Lately I find myself overthinking, overprocessing, overreacting in my mind. I've been consumed with the writing my last paper for last semester's class. Unfortunately for me that didn't result in any writing. It did cause me to make a simple situation complex. As I anguished over completing the task, I shut down. I allowed other situations to override God within. I allowed the voice that brings me so much peace, joy and comfort to be quieted in the banging of worry.
Aaahhh our God is a good God though. He continues to reach for us while we flail around making things complex.

Today I began to write again and it was so simple. Why I had stopped is complex. But the joy I felt as I put words together reunited my spirit to God. Wow what a peace She gives if we but allow it.

What simple situation(s) have you made complex?

19 August 2010

While I'm Working

While I was working today, I listed to a number of T.D. Jakes' podcasts. I got so excited about loving God that I floated through my work. I even posted some of his quotes on Facebook. While I was working I had the best time in a long time. You know, sitting at your computer for the better part of the day can be quite draining. Yet as I listened to the sermons from the Potter's House, I was so enlivened about God moving in, through and around my life. Today it became quite clear how important it is to not only work, but to also leave room for God to enter in and be God. I made room and was so elated that before I knew it, it was after 5pm. While I'm working, God is teaching me how to perfect His work. While I'm working, God is showing me just how to accompany Her in the midst of my busyness. This on the job training that God is providing me is quite uplifting. I am so elated to be an apprentice of my Lord. All I have to do is move inside His plan. When done that way, Her benefits exceed my own expectations. "Faith does not demand details." T.D.Jakes

29 July 2010

Standing Still in Motion

The summer thus far has not been what I expected. I wanted to research and write and that hasn't happened. I didn't take on additional jobs thinking that i'd be too busy. And I was. I just wasn't doing what I planned. I am standing still on that while being in motion on something else.

While I haven't been researching and writing, ReCiL has been growing. Those who thought African-American Young Adult Catholics don't care about growing in faith are just plain ole crazy.

African-American young adults are starving for spiritual food in our Church. So many are proud to be Catholic.

Standing still in motion is about me learning to embrace God's shifting of my plan. I have had to clear my mind of a number of things that caused me to stall out, to stand still.

By doing the hard work of facing my barriers, I've been able to set in motion God's plan.

So I'm standing still when it comes to research and writing while I'm in motion journeying with those who have asked me to help them see God more clearly.

19 June 2010

God is Amazing

I don't care what anyone else believes, God is amazing!!! I am so grateful that I have a relationship with God the father, son and holy spirit. My life, difficult some days, is truly a life full of God's grace. I am sitting here working on a talk for the peacebuilders initiative of Catholic Theological Union and have become so aware of God's amazing mercy and love. Not thinking beforehand about the topic I had been given and its connection to my life, I began to write. 30 minutes into the process I was struck by the topic's connection to my life and was amazed at how God continues to guide us if we but allow it. Today my movement towards peace is through the window of the past. I am looking at what peace has meant in my life as I seek to help others define peace in theirs. Sankofa, going back to the past to retrieve something for use today, has allowed me to once again praise God. I can see when I look back that God never stopped speaking to me, I stopped listening. So many things are there for me to see how God has been working on our relationship, day after day, encouraging me to open my heart once again to His love. Wow!! Are you sending God's call to voicemail?

02 April 2010

Good Friday - All Ready?

So many people are oblivious to the meaning of Good Friday and their Christians. The attitude among them seems to resonate an annoyance that conveys "Okay, so it's Good Friday. And?" Attitudes such as that make me wonder whether or not I have done what I needed during Lent? Did my sacrifice show Christ? Did my almsgiving stretch me in such a way that someone was truly helped? And let's not forget fasting. Did I really partner my fasting with prayer so that I could be made over? Doing these things helps not only ourselves but also those with whom we interact. As Christians, there should be nothing better than to contemplate the LOVE of Jesus as continues to suffer for us. Holy Thursday offered us the opportunity to pray in a new way, before suffering. Today, Good Friday, offers us the courage to pray while we suffer.

25 March 2010

The Waste of Pity

Tuesday morning I was feeling really sorry for myself. I was sick with the flu and had just read a comment from my professor on an assignment. I spent the day AND night having a great pity party. I even invited other people to the party. I even had the nerve to drag God into the fray. It wasn't until I was talking to one if my "guests" that I realized I hadn't given my all to the assignment. Once I realized that I was energized with a burst of confidence.
Pity was a waste of my God Grace. Pity sent me reeling away from what God had set out for me. Pity was a waste.

28 February 2010

It Doesn't Make Any Sense

Just when you have a full plate and you begin to eat, you begin to feel just a little sick. Has that ever happened to you? How about when your calendar is full and there are numerous things you are trying to do and you body begins to breakdown? What's that about Jesus? Here I thought I was doin what God has called me to do and I find my energy drained, my joints aching, and an inability to concentrate. I could really just take a nap. It just doesn't make any sense. Have I crammed my calendar with timone to dos and not God dos? This journey to Christ's Peace is just plain confusing sometimes. Yet, there is one clarity: God is leading and I'm only too willing to follow. As of now it doesn't make any sense, but God is working for good. I just press onward, forward.

16 February 2010

The Day Before Ash Wednesday

I've been feeling reflective all day. Today hasn't been Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday for me. It has been the day before Ash Wednesday. I mean today I have felt the weight of the Lenten Season. It was important that I change the cloth and artifacts on my home alter before I could accomplish any work. I was struck by today's readings in such a way that I was convicted even more to rely on God. I am convinced that God can use me for good and I strive to stay open to that use. As I move into slumber position I am both excited and apprehensive about what God will ask of me tomorrow.
May I become what I expect others to be. May my reflections open me to God in a way that my actions and words inspire you to say "YES" to God's invitation to wholeness.

01 February 2010

Bending Over the Shoulder of God

I can't stand it when I'm working on something and someone comes and bends over my shoulder, directing me to do things their way. There they stand giving all sorts of advice and instruction as though my ideas are no good or irrelevant to the project. This I can imagine is how God feels sometimes as God continues to craft greatness. I know I'm guilty of bending over the shoulder of God way too many times. There have been many things that I've asked God to take care of in my life. I've laid the issue at Her feet. I've given it all to Him. And wouldn't you know it, there I am bending over God's shoulder "directing" God on how things need to be done. How unfaithful is that?

In my quest for peace I have discovered that solace is found only when I stop bending over the shoulder of God. Truly I must let go of my desire and need to shape things my way. For it is my way that has gotten me in the mess I often find myself.

Are you bending over the shoulder of God? Well,... just stop it then.

20 January 2010

Just Do It Already

I was having a conversation with several young adults on whose behalf I work about the slow posting of Facebook statuses and lack of consistent blogging. I had a weak defense. How is it possible they asked that you use an iPhone and still are not posting regularly? Good question. As I struggled to find an answer the reply came, "just do it already ."
As I sat quietly moments later I was struck by that statement in regards to Christ. Our Savior gives us many opportunities to do as He guides and we stall out like a car with a bad transmission, unclear about what to do. We bemoan our situation, asking for guidance and assistance, lacking the drive and/or will to press forward.
Just do it already is my wake up call to stop making excuses for my lack of action. It is time for action already.

18 January 2010

God's Word

I spent several hours trying to upload videos of sermons I've recorded so I could share God's Word with you, but for some reason I wasn't successful. But guess what? I will not let that stop me. In the coming days I will post parts of my sermons for you to read. I look forward to reading your comments and sharing our thoughts on God's Word for us today.