A Look Inside My Search

In a search for answers to the woes in my life, I found God. The truth that lies in knowing God for myself, placed me on a quest for peace. While on this journey, I have discovered that there are others seeking this truth also and that I can help. I have a Doctor of Ministry degree from Catholic Theological Union, not to rise above anyone, but to better serve everyone. I am on a journey towards peace, speaking truth that opens people up to God.

10 December 2011

I Needed Nothing Else

I was taken aback by the plainness of the tabernacle. The lack of gold and jewels. The wooden floor; the wooden box; a white candle...Then I needed nothing else...but Jesus.

07 December 2011

I Am Not Tired

A year ago, I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I couldn't see down the road. Visibility was low. Yet, there was an inner longing to please God. To do right by all the people who were praying for me.

But I was tired. I didn't want to press on.
In those moments, I relied on the presence of God in ways my mind could not fully comprehend. By doing so, God guided me through.

Yes the way was difficult. I didn't always want to press on, but the hand of God was "Ever So Faithful."
Today, I am not tired. Oh what will God ask of my energy?

06 December 2011

Sweet Jesus

Each time I taste, I see.
Each time I see, I feel.
Each time I feel, I change.

Poking Me

Being poked can be so annoying. Especially when you can't stop the poker from poking.

Jesus has been poking me lately and just won't quit. Surely I had become comfortable, not willing to do more, move on, step onto the next plane.

But there He was, poking me. Calling my attention not just to Him, but also to the tasks He had assigned me. Poking me as I drug my feet, made excuses, pretended to get up. Poking me so that I would take notice. Poking me so that I wouldn't get comfortable in complacency.

As annoying as poking can be, I am grateful for Jesus. His constant jab let me know He was still present; that He had not abandoned me; that I was still important; that I matter. Jesus' poking told me that there was no need to fear.

Poking me -- onward.

Are you being poked by Jesus too? Let's share stories.

22 November 2011


The foolishness of humans is in allowing past mistakes to rule the present. Often our dwelling on the past gets in the way of present possibilities. We recount and relive the mistakes so often that they become current participants in our thoughts and actions. We fail to seek the lesson to be learned, choosing instead to linger on actions that lead nowhere.
originally written 1 June 2011

09 November 2011


Sitting with You Jesus is just so wonderful.
When I eat Your body and drink Your blood,
I am so amazed by Your willingness to enter into my sin in order to transform me.
To taste You is to be made WHOLE!

08 November 2011

Time With Jesus

I have so missed those moments of meditation/prayer. Opening the door when the bell rings and forgetting the speakers have all contributed to my lack of participation in ReCiL Eucharistic Adoration.
If I'm missing this time I guess you are too.  The moment the music began I was drawn to write.
Fr. Kalema lit candles for us in the chapel and the smell of incense burned days ago transported me directly to my Savior.

O LORD, You are so good to me. I am grateful. May I continue to praise You, Blessing Your Holy Name.

originally written 7 November 11

02 November 2011

My Feet Hurt

I was thinking how much my new pair of shoes are hurting my feet. I was preoccupied with that pain for 2 days. Then I attended the first of 5 Memorial Pilgrimages sponsored by Urban Dolorosa at St. Sabina Tuesday night, and my feet were no longer important. The pain in the hearts of all who lost a child to gun violence took center stage in my soul. Then the pain in my feet reminded me of the violence we continue to ignore. The pain in my feet reminded me of too many voices now silent.

Why continue to walk in shoes that hurt my feet? Why are we letting our children die by the bullet? Where are we enduring gun violence in silence like the pain of new shoes?

After I wrote this, the baritone singer, Khary Laurent, while singing, was carrying the shoes of children shot dead. Shoes are no longer hurting their feet.

20 October 2011

Tear the Roof Off the Sucker

I had so much fun preaching this sermon. I couldn't believe how nervous I was and how hot it was in the church. Yet I moved with the Spirit and was gifted with words that inspire others to open themselves to God. May your blessings encourage you to serve another with God's grace.

19 October 2011

Having Fun With Jesus

I am enjoying my time in prayer these days. As a matter of fact I'm looking forward to the time we spend together. Surely there are times when He stretches me beyond my comfort zone, I must admit that I enjoy the outcome.

I'm really having great fun. I find that I'm sharing more of Jesus with others because I'm having fun.

Fun is not usually associated with Jesus. It's as though Jesus demands no enjoyment at all. But truly, when we enjoy our time with Jesus we can't but share it with others. As a matter of fact it's almost gossipy. Think about it: Jesus shares something with you that is so great, so radical, so transformative that you just have to tell someone. Gossip: "Let me tell you what Jesus said to me today..."

17 October 2011

God's Promises

In Romans 4:20 Paul talks about Abraham's faith in God's promise. No doubt, just belief that God would do as God had stated.
So unlike Abraham, I don't always trust God's timing. I sometimes allow the whispers of uncertainty to interfere, creating in me not songs of praise but wails of loss.
As I meditated on the above passage, I was encouraged to stand in God promise as it being fulfilled. I need only live in the completion of it as though it was already. In doing so, I align myself to God and there I am able to find joy, unspeakable joy.

01 October 2011

Moving Past My Anger

What a waste of emotional energy, prolonged anger that keeps you immobilized. Yet there is a righteousness to anger that moves you to positive action. On Monday I was so angry I could spit fire, by Tuesday I could think beyond the indignation. On Wednesday I was delighted to know and love the LORD, my Savior. By Friday I was having intelligent conversation about the situation. What changed? Me! When I could breath easier, I moved from injury to seeking God's voice. Upon hearing God I was transported to Philippians 4:6-9. (I would put the text here but I rather you picked up a bible and read it there). ;)
That passage set me free.

The voice of my father also rang clear: "I love myself too much to allow any anger towards anyone to get in the way of what God has for me. And really, I don't know them well enough to allow hate or anger to deprive me of God's grace."

25 September 2011

The Institute for Black Catholic Studies

This Reflection was given 5 July 2011 at the noon Mass of the Institute for Black Catholic Studies (IBCS). The IBCS is a cultural and academic immersion experience for anyone who ministers in the Black Catholic Community. For more information go to Xavier University of LA . THe reflection is entitled, The Hook Up. It is based on the first reading of the day, Genesis 32:23-33

Been Awhile

More than six months have passed since my last blog entry and that's way too bad, because so many things have happened that I should have written about.  This post is not going to play catch up even though that may serve to inform those who follow me what's been happening. Perhaps as I return to the blogosphere you will surmise some of what has taken place. But since this blog is about Moving Towards Peace, I'll keep it moving.

Last week I went to a pre-screening of The Way, starring Martin Sheen and directed by his son Emilio Estevez. The Way is this year's must see movie for anyone who is discerning life's meaning and those who assist others in that process. I'm not willing to tell you about the movie because I'm convinced that I won't do it justice. Suffice it to say that it is worth paying full price. I will be going to see it again. After the viewing Martin and Emilio did a 30 minute Q & A session that was full of humor, love and passion for God. What a way to share one's love of God. Check out the trailer at The Way-The Movie. I'm sure you'll like what you see. If not, we need to chat. LOL!

Yeah it's been awhile and I find that I've missed blogging. Look for more Skinny Thoughts on a weekly basis. And if time permits more than that.

I look forward to hearing about your journey to peace.

09 March 2011

Marked For the Journey

Today is Ash Wednesday. I am not prepared for my cleansing. I've plunged head first into this journey pulled down by the demands of living beyond God's intentions for me. So though I am not prepared, I am grateful that today I mark the journey. Today as my forehead is sealed in ash I will be released from my own demands on my life and begin the process of welcoming God again into a life eager for grace and mercy.

Can we ever prepare for cleansing? What does that look like? For me it was the total disregard for the upcoming season as far as my personal involvement. Sure I had purchased reflection materials, but personalizing the journey was not considered until late last night. That's why I'm glad we have the Lenten Season. It forces me to stop spinning, to stop the rollercoaster.

Today I will be marked for the Journey. I was not prepared. Now I am. Grateful for this opportunity to refresh my spirit, I gladly allow ash to mark me for the world to see, to remind me that no matter what I intend, if it is not in and though God it is useless.

24 January 2011

Breaking Through the Clouds

Clouds remind me of God, fluffy comfortable drifting dark harsh, yet always moving. There is something in the clouds that is needed. And sometimes while floating around I want to stay. But today I am being called to break through. I have been doing many things for the good of others. Sure there have been so selfish moments, but I haven't lost what God has asked of me. Funny thing though, while I was in the clouds doing what God asked yesterday, I wasn't doing what he asked today. See, yesterday's task is comfortable, easier to do since I've been doing it awhile. However, God has called me to do something new. God didn't say forget the old, but move into the new. I for my part haven't fully made the sacrifice til now. Today I break through the clouds to do the new. Today I make the sacrifice and step fully into the new task God has called me to do. Today.