A Look Inside My Search

In a search for answers to the woes in my life, I found God. The truth that lies in knowing God for myself, placed me on a quest for peace. While on this journey, I have discovered that there are others seeking this truth also and that I can help. I have a Doctor of Ministry degree from Catholic Theological Union, not to rise above anyone, but to better serve everyone. I am on a journey towards peace, speaking truth that opens people up to God.

18 October 2016

Luke Cage: Superhero of Hope

What can the new Netflix Original, Luke Cage, offer the Black Community?


Netflix has chosen to bring to life yet another Marvel comic book hero and he is Black and bulletproof. What does that mean? What can it mean to millions of Black people who are watching Black men murdered by bullets?


Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Luke Cage is not a new Marvel superhero. No, Luke Cage has been around since about 1972. Yup. Quite awhile. Yet the timing of bringing him to life on the small screen should not be overlooked. Is Netflix really interested in telling positive stories about Black men? I really don't know. What I do know is that the show offers a message of HOPE to all of us. The writer(s) of the show provide us with some talking points that should help us at "the table".


Black Lives indeed Matter. Just take a closer look underneath your surface and you will find Black Lives Matter there, for you are not existing without Black Lives. I am not existing without Black Lives. We are not existing without Black Lives. Take a closer look underneath your surface and discover your true humanity.

Luke Cage: Superhero of Hope invites us to the world of bulletproof Black men--protected by the armor of God and covered in the Blood of Jesus.