A Look Inside My Search

In a search for answers to the woes in my life, I found God. The truth that lies in knowing God for myself, placed me on a quest for peace. While on this journey, I have discovered that there are others seeking this truth also and that I can help. I have a Doctor of Ministry degree from Catholic Theological Union, not to rise above anyone, but to better serve everyone. I am on a journey towards peace, speaking truth that opens people up to God.

07 October 2014

The Flying of Time

How often do we say, "I don't have time for...!"? Filling in the blank can lead to a list of things that we wish we could get done but don't. Way too often reading scripture is one of those things. Sure many of us know its importance, but too few of us take the time.  To make it easier, I installed a Bible study app on all my devices so I would take the time. And as is true with many of you, I found that the app wasn't being used. Each day I looked at the app and each day I said, "I don't have time." And each time I said that I would cringe inside.

God to the rescue. 

I kept asking God for a multitude of things each time returning to Her Word. "If I would only read the Bible more." So this morning, instead of taking my usual prayer books into my prayer space, I took the Bible app. To my dismay, the reading plan I opened was started in December 2012. It was to be a 1 year plan. I had "successfully" stretched it, made it last, got long life out of it. Terrible! Just plain terrible. 

I did not allow the dismay to last. I honored my effort to read God's Word and hit the button to continue reading. And what JOY entered my being. and before I knew it, time flew.

What a book to get lost in! What stories to relish! 

As I return to my journey through God's Word, I invite you to join me. Let us all bask in the glow of the flying of time as we savor the Words of God.